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Our Senior Care Services in Dublin, CA Include Mobility Assistance

Comfort Keepers Senior Care Provides Mobility Assistance to Seniors in the Dublin Area

Of the many needs of senior citizens, one of the most common is mobility assistance.  This terms refers to the ability of a person to get around as needed, both in and out of the home.  Mobility applies to walking around one’s residence, getting out of bed, being able to cook or perform some household duties, and use the bathroom. 

Many seniors will not engage in some of these activities, and many will engage in some combination of them, as well as others.  Our senior care providers will help your senior loved ones with all of these things, as well as transportation outside the home.

First, we assist your senior loved one with necessary activities in the home.  According to your loved one’s capabilities, our care providers can give varying levels of assistance with chores and activities; this can include working with the client as applicable to help them become increasingly independent and capable, though this is only an option.

Second, where appropriate, we give your family member greatly increased mobility for a big boost in self-esteem and quality of life.  This can involve helping him or her get out into the community.  Included may be visits to nearby parks, short walks, and dinners or movies or even shopping.

As you can see, we work with your loved one in terms of their pre-existing abilities.  We offer Interactive Care that involves customized activities we develop both with you and the family member in question.  Our skilled care givers are expert in balancing the help your loved one needs with the coaching and support that can help them increase their mobility on their own. 

Mobility is so important both for a person’s emotional and physical health—which are intertwined.  That is why we find that people we work with experience greater mobility as a result.  An increase in well-being, confidence, and morale cause them to get out even more.

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