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How Home Care Assistance Can Help Seniors With Mobility Issues

Aug 19, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek

Mobility issues are among the most common problems to impact the senior community today. While mobility issues can range from person to person, for most seniors these problems can be summed up in one simple way: mobility issues make it nearly impossible to get around on their own. The good news is, with professional home care assistance many seniors can often get the help they need to stay active and to continue to maintain a great quality of life.

Mobility issues can be very dangerous for any senior, particularly a senior who is living on their own. When a senior is unable to be mobile, it can be nearly impossible for them to leave the home, get themselves food, bathe, groom themselves or even use the restroom. This is where our senior care services experts come in. With professional home care assistance, seniors can get the support and care they need to stay in their home and continue to live a high quality life. For most seniors this is their key to remaining independent through their golden years.

With professional home care assistance seniors can get help in a variety of ways, whether it is daily assistance in using the restroom or taking a shower, or if it is just someone to help them upstairs or grab hard-to-reach items. However, above all things, home care assistance can ensure that the senior is staying safe while in their own homes. Seniors with mobility issues, no matter how mild, are at a much higher risk of falling, which means they may be at danger for injury or hospitalization when left alone in the home.

Whether seniors need help walking on their own, have trouble with stairs, tend to fall, or can’t stretch or reach everyday items, when mobility issues are present it may be time to consider professional in home care to ensure this senior is staying as safe and as active as possible.

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