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Quality of Life Guide: Senior Care At Home in Walnut Creek, CA

Senior care at home experts in Walnut Creek, CA discuss how to improve your senior loved one's quality of life

Quality of life can be quite easy to define, but it can be much harder to make sure that someone has a good quality of life. When you think about the term at its core, it is your happiness, health, and comfort. Because of this, you may think that if you have all three, then you are good to go, but sometimes, not all three things happen at the same time. Think about when you experience bad news at the doctor’s office or when you receive bad news about something else. All of this affects you and it also affects your loved one. Below, the Comfort Keepers senior care at home team discusses how your loved one’s quality of life may be affected in different areas of their life.

Personal Life

Your loved one’s personal life is made up of many different moments that are shared with individuals throughout their life to include other family members and friends. These moments change the way we operate day in and out and these moments also change us for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Family Affairs

For a family to truly be happy, they must have their needs met. If needs are left unmet, then the family may experience some dysfunction and also some anger or frustration. If you are a primary caregiver to your loved one, you need time to yourself as well. The Comfort Keepers senior care at home team can help with this and care for your loved one while you run errands or relax.

Tasks Required to Function

Activities of daily living are the most routine tasks that we perform in our lives daily. Some of these tasks include showering, using the bathroom, getting into and out of chairs, eating, and similar. We take these activities for granted because we do them so routinely, but seniors may not be able to do them, and this can lessen their quality of life overall.

Companionship And Friendship

Companionship and friendship is required for individuals to thrive in life. We all need someone to talk to. Seniors who live alone may experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. Because of this, they may withdraw from society and they may avoid hobbies and activities they once loved. Comfort Keepers senior care at home works to address these feelings and our providers offers companionship services.

Happy Right At Home

Seniors, when allowed to choose, will decide they want to age in place and remain in their home. This is because your loved one has many memories here and they do not want to simply abandon them. Fortunately, with the Comfort Keepers team on their side, they do not have to.

Our Mission – Better Quality Of Life

Comfort Keepers senior care at home is prepared to help seniors and families have the best quality of life possible. Our team provides support, in-home care, and technology to help ensure that living is made easy. 

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