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Why At Home Care Providers Recommend Music Therapy

Feb 28, 2017 by Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek

Do you know about music therapy? It has many benefits for seniors, and it has been proven to help restore and maintain their health. At home care providers in Walnut Creek, CA recommend it for older adults who suffer from dementia because it can reduce aggressive or agitated behavior, reduce symptoms of dementia, improve mood and improve cooperation with daily tasks. Music can evoke a memory even many years after an event. It can even help seniors answer questions, make decisions, and speak more clearly.

Music can also help your loved one relax. At home care providers often play some soothing ballads before bed time to help your parent unwind. In seniors, music may result in significantly better sleep quality, longer sleep duration, greater sleep efficiency, shorter time needed to fall asleep, less sleep disturbance, and less daytime dysfunction. Music may also help your parent deal with stressful situations (like a change in their routine) more easily.

Music and dancing go together. Songs can inspire your senior loved one to dance, which can promote coordination and can help with walking and endurance. For many seniors who are able, dancing to music is a wonderful way to exercise. Even if your loved one has mobility issues, they can still clap and tap their feet to get their blood flowing. Every kind of exercise your parent is comfortable with can be paired with music.

Music has the ability to stimulate all areas of the brain. Not only has this therapy been shown to improve depression, but it also reduces heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Music therapy can help to improve your parent’s speech, memory and physical balance. Music can also help seniors develop a positive self-image and may aid in dealing with stress or pain. At home care providers recommend music therapy because it helps older adults take their mind off of physical pain, which can therefore help them cope with a number of illnesses. Music therapy has been successfully used to help patients deal with general stress, cancer, speech impediments, mental disorders and a number of other issues. Listening to music can’t replace a workout, but it can lead to an increase in blood flow.

At home care providers can help your loved one create a playlist of songs that incite a positive emotional response. If your parent isn’t sure what works for them, they can visit a music therapist that will evaluate their taste and interests and make some suggestions. Listening to music can help your loved one fill their free time and add variety to the day.?

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