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Hair Care for Seniors

Mar 17, 2017 by Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek

As seniors age their hair starts to thin out and become dry. Hair can start to thin out for many reasons, whether it is because of medications, high blood pressure, or just hormonal changes in the body. With these changes, seniors may find that taking care of their hair has also changed.

Tips for Better Hair

Your loved one should not worry about the thinning and dryness of their hair because there are measures they can take to help strengthen their hair. Before your loved one adds any vitamins or changing their diet, make sure they consult their physician to guarantee it is safe for them to take.

  • Good Diet: Foods high in vitamin A and C help produce sebum, which keeps hair shiny and strong. Eating a nutritious diet can provide your loved one’s body with the nutrients they need to have healthy hair.
  • Biotin: This is a natural nutrient that comes in a capsule form. It helps promote hair growth and strength – and it also works well for brittle nails.
  • Frequent Haircuts: Seniors’ hair is more vulnerable to breaking and splitting. Regular haircuts can prevent the damage to spread to all of the hair, by clipping the damaged ends off.
  • Sun Care: Just like skin, the sun can damage hair, which is why it is important for your loved one to wear a hat or use hair care products, along with sunscreen protection.

Comfort Keepers® of Walnut Creek

At Comfort Keepers® our in home caregivers can help your aging loved ones feel like they have control of their thinning hair. From grooming to bathing assistance, our caregivers can provide your loved ones with the help they need to keep their hair healthy.

For more information regarding our in-home care services, and how our caregivers can provide your loved ones with the essentials to live a healthy, safe, and independent life from the comfort of their own home, contact us by clicking here or by calling (925) 344-4159.

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