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Elderly Home Care Can Help Your Loved One Stay Hydrated

Mar 24, 2017 by Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek

Elderly care professionals pay much attention to making sure your loved one is doing everything they can to stay healthy, and this involves making sure they remain hydrated. Many seniors are at a higher risk of dehydration for a variety of reason, but Comfort Keepers will help your senior loved one remain healthy in as many ways as possible.

Seniors have a much harder time feeling thirsty than younger people. However, although most seniors do not feel thirst, many drink at least eight glasses of water a day, because they are either aware of the risks or their elderly care professionals or other caregivers encourage it. However, certain medications that many seniors take have dehydration as a side effect, like diuretics, which can cause dehydration in even the healthiest of people.

In addition, one reason that dehydration happens more frequently in seniors is that the older a body gets, the less total body water it has. The average man up to the age of 40 has a total body water content of around 60%. For women, the number is slightly lower, at 52%. The average senior male has 52% of total body water while that number drops to 46% in senior women. With less total body water, it makes sense that seniors will be more easily dehydrated. However, Comfort Keepers trained in home caregivers will do everything possible to help your senior loved one remain hydrated.

Elderly care professionals have been trained to spot the early warning signs of dehydration and prevent any serious issues that it may cause. Comfort Keepers prides themselves on helping your loved one live their best life. This includes working actively on preventing health issues, dehydration included. To find out more about how elderly home care can work for your loved one, give Comfort Keepers a call. We are always standing by to take any questions or concerns you may have.


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