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Service Dogs Trained for Seniors with Dementia

Aug 15, 2017 by Anonymous

Service dogs, are specifically trained to do work and perform tasks to help people with physical limitations. Over time, service animals have evolved to do more than guide blind people, alert deaf people, and help someone who has had a seizure. In fact, they are now being used for seniors with dementia.

Benefits of a Service Dog

Service dogs can perform many tasks, from flipping a light switch to responding to a smoke alarm, but they also can perform many tasks and provide benefits for seniors with dementia.

  • Getting the Owner Home: One of the main commands for a service dog trained to help a senior with dementia is to get the owner home when told to. The dog is required to call for help if the senior refuses to walk home, and has a GPS tracking device on their collar to help locate them.
  • Prevent Owner from Leaving: Service dogs can also help prevent your loved ones from wandering, or leaving the house unaccompanied, which is very important for seniors that live alone with dementia.
  • Assist with Daily Tasks: Service dogs can also do simple tasks around the house, like turn lights on or off, bring the owners their medication (in bite proof packaging), wake owners up in the morning, and remind them where their clothing is located.
  • Emotional/Physical Support: Service dogs also provide your loved ones with emotional and physical support. They can provide your loved one with help balancing, taking the stairs, and rising or sitting.

Comfort Keepers® in Walnut Creek

At Comfort Keepers®, we understand that you cannot be there for your aging loved ones at all times. While a service animal can provide your loved ones with the help of simple daily tasks, our compassionate caregivers can help your loved ones with additional services. From light housekeeping to grooming and bathing, our Comfort Keepers® can provide around-the-clock care, or care for just a couple of hours a week. Our caregivers provide the essentials your loved ones need to live a healthy, safe, and independent life from the comfort of their own home.

For more information about our in home care services, and how our Comfort Keepers can help your loved ones, call us at (925) 344-4159 or click here

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